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Why us?

Why Us?

HWY-LAW has defended thousands of motorists since being established in 1998. As a paralegal firm focused solely on the defence of driving offences in Ontario, we are 100% dedicated to the belief that every individual is entitled to the best legal defence.

All of our staff are licenced members of the Law Society of Ontario and their knowledge of the law, regarding driving offences, supports this belief. We are incredibly proud of our team and in the fact that 80% of our clients are either referrals or repeat customers. This shows that our team is respected, trusted and successful at providing court representation and legal services.

We can help you with offences such as traffic tickets, speeding tickets, careless driving, disobeying a red light or stop sign, driving while under suspension, stunt driving and other offences found in the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario and other acts related to driving.

You can trust HWY-LAW to handle your case with respect, professionalism and care. For a free consultation to discuss your unique situation, please contact us.

Top ten Reasons to Hire Us

  • 1. To Prevent or Reduce demerit points
  • 2. To attempt to keep your driving record clean.
  • 3. To work with a team of professionals.
  • 4. We have years of experience.
  • 5. We offer Great Customer Service.
  • 6. We are a results oriented firm.
  • 7. We enjoy advocating for our clients.
  • 8. We are honest, reputable & have integrity.
  • 9. To work to keep your insurance premiums low.
  • 10. We care!


Top Ten Reasons to Fight a Traffic Ticket

  • 1. To protect your driving record.
  • 2. You could accumulate demerit points if you don’t.
  • 3. Traffic tickets and a poor driving record can affect other professional licenses.
  • 4. Having a traffic ticket on your record sets a bad example for others.
  • 5. Tickets cost you more than the fine on the ticket.
  • 6. Traffic offences can affect future vehicle purchases.
  • 7. Not fighting to keep your driving record clear may put you in an expensive high risk insurance bracket.
  • 8. Certain offences or number of offences could cause you to lose your license.
  • 9. A bad driving record could affect your career options for 3 years.
  • 10. Your insurance premiums can increase for at least 3 years if you have traffic tickets on your record.

Protect your driving record and keep your insurance premiums low. Contact HWY-LAW today for a free consultation

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We are proud of our reputation. Read our Reviews:
Your professionalism, demeanor,
knowledge and ability to achieve fantastic
results via intelligent options which others
are unwilling or unable to take has resulted
in one of the most effective and
professional services I have ever had the
pleasure of utilizing.”
Eric M. - Toronto
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